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Specialized in foam sheet extrusion line & products

Machines we make

NPE / EPE Foam Extruder

Non-Crosslinked PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, equipped with a single extruder, unique screw and economical extruding system, produces extrude expanded cellular polyethylene foam sheet of innumerable closed cell in continuous roll for cushioning, packaging, and insulation materials.

XLPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

Crosslinked PE Foam Sheet Production Line produces chemically crosslinked closed cell polyethylene foam sheet in continuous rolls with smooth, uniform, and aesthetic surface. This line is manufacturing the most preferred insulation material with the most advanced and innovative technologies.

PE Foam Processing / Converting Machines

PE Foam Sheet Doubling Bonding Machine, Auto Cutter, Tension Controller, Foam Sheet Cutting, PE Foam Sheet to Film Laminating Machine(One, Both side), PE Foam Pipe Bonding Machine, PE Foam Bag Sealing Machine, EPE/EPS Recycling Machine, Band Knife Splitting Machine, Hydraulic Trimming Press.

XPS Foam Extruder

Extruded PS Foam Board Extrusion Line, manufactured by the most advanced technology, produces homogeneous, closed­cell structured extruded polystyrene foam board.

EPS Foam Extruder

Expanded PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, equipped with tandem extruder and unique screw design, produces fine cell structured extruded polystyrene foam sheet with high strength, pearly and even surface in a continuous roll.

PS Foam Processing / Converting Machines

Full Automatic Vacuum Form, Trim, Stack Machine, HIPS Coating Machine, PS Foam Bonding & PS Film Laminating Machine, PS Foam Sheet Multi-Layer Bonding Machine, PS Film Laminating Machine

Products we make

XPE / XLPE foam sheet extrusion line

XPE/XLPE foam is chemically crosslinked PE foam and it is produced in continuous rolls resulting in a foam product with uniform, closed cell and smooth skins on both sides. It is light weight, flexible and soft to touch, yet strong, tough, resilient and resistant to moisture, many chemicals and temperature extremes

CDF Foam sheet extrusion line

Conductive XPE foam is produced in continuous rolls and it is free from contamination after being applied on and its conductivity is permanent. CDF Foam is used for packing of LCD panel, computer monitor and socket board. The conductivity of CDF foam is between 10^4 and 10^6.

EPDM / CR rubber foam

EPDM / CR rubber foam is used for packaging, gasket, sealing, insulation in automotive, electronics,
construction industry. The features of EPDM/CR rubbe foam are light weight, strong tear strength,
non water absorption, superior insulation power, good resiliency, anti-ozone and etc.

PEO Foam

PEO foam is open-cell chemically crosslinked PE foam with excellent absorbing properties. It is abserbing sound, but insulating sound. The application of PEO foam is filling material to replace open cell EPDM or PU foam, long shelf-life without brittle and sound absorbing properties.

foam extrusion line

LDPE Foam for Cap Seal Liner

LDPE foam is low density non-crosslinked PE foam with excellent chemical resistance to acid, bases and alcohol. The application of it is lining material for cap seal and gasket/packing material for industrial usage. It is clean/dust-free and it does not absorb moisture and support mould growth.

PS Foam Board

PS foam board is extruded polystyrene foam and the characteristics of it is light weight with enough strength to stay in shape, easiness for cutting / die-cutting, beauty and varety of colors and easy formability. PS foam board is used for advertising / decoration material for shop / department stroe, presentation material for exhibition / stage / office / school, interior decoration material, stainonery like miniature building and packing material for precious goods such as porcelain

Chemical Additives for NPE/EPE Foam and XPE/XLPE Foam Production

Surface active agent (GMS powder / GMS M/B) – Talc M/B – Fire Retardent M/B – Heat Resistant M/B (HR M/B) – UV Protective Resin (UV M/B) Blowing agent M/B (VOC free) – Crosslinking agent M/B – Fire Retardent M/B (Eco-friendly) – Conductive M/B (ESD M/B)

MPET / PE Film & AL / PE Film

MPET / PE film is strong at high temperature, good embossing performance and excellent reflection. AL / PE film is excellent embossing performance, long lasting printing and flame resistance. MPET / PE film & AL / PE film is to be laminated with XPE or NPE foam sheet by indirect hot oil roller laminator or direct flame laminator.

Extruded PP Foam Sheet

Extruded PP Foam Sheet(Non-Crosslinked Polypropylene Foam Sheet/Roll) features : 100% recyclable / Microwave usable / Excellent thermal insulation / Environmental hormone free, VOC free / Heavy metal free / Hygienic material / Superior chemical resistance / No deformation, No second expansion / Easy fabrication / Compliance to RoHS and REACH