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XLPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

(Crosslinked PE Foam Sheet Production Line)

XLPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line


Features of the machine

The Crosslinked PE Foam Sheet Production Line produces chemically crosslinked closed cell polyethylene foam sheet in continuous rolls with smooth, uniform, and aesthetic surface. This line is manufacturing the most preferred insulation material with the most advanced and innovative technologies.


Characteristics of XLPE foam

XLPE Foam Sheet Line

  • Superior cushioning
  • Great heat-insulating power
  • High buoyancy
  • Little water absorption
  • Outstanding weather stability and chemical resistance
  • Soft, strong with beauty
  • Easy to fabricate
  • High thermal stability





Model No. PI-XPE-150 PI-XPE-170
Capactiy Max. 150kg/hr Max. 250kg/hr
Sheet width Max. 1600mm Max. 2400mm
Sheet thickness Max. 15mm Max. 15mm
Density 25~200kg/m3 25-200kg/m3
Electricity 350kw 500kw



  • Automobile, marine, and aerospace vehicles
  • Building/construction thermal insulation, and moisture resistance
  • All kinds of single or double coated tape product
  • Camping mats and hockey helmets
  • Healthcare appliance type products

Crosslinked PE Foam Sheet Crosslinked PE Foam Sheet extrusion


XLPE sheet extrusion line