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Specialized in foam sheet extrusion line & products

Chemical Additives for NPE/EPE Foam and XPE/XLPE Foam Production

Chemical Additives for NPE / EPE Foam Extrusion

Non-Crosslinked PE Foam Extrusion

Surface Active Agent (GMS 98)

  • The best surface active agent for EPE foam extrusion
  • Specialized formula only for EPE foam extrusion
  • Antistatic characteristics
  • Less shrinkage in thickness, width and length of EPE foam after extrusion
  • Higher purity
  • Not crispy but softer foam to be acquired


 Surface Active Agent (GMS 9850)

  • Lighter but softer, more resilient and stronger foam to be achieved
  • Aging time can be reduced in half
  • Input amount is constant and can be reduced in half
  • Foam surface is not oily and strong lamination with film/foil to be achieved


 Talc Master Batch (TM-03)

  • The best nuclearing agent to guarantee fine cells of EPE foam


 Fire Retardant Master Batch (FR M/B)

  • To make EPE foam perfect fire retardant


 Heat Resistant Master Batch (HR M/B)

  • To stand high temperature upto 110’C
  • The better heat-resisting property than XPE foam to be achieved
  • Very resilient
  • The better FR performance like rubber foam


 UV Protective Resin (UV M/B)

  • To make foam strong against UV after application outside of building



Chemical Additives for XPE / XLPE Foam Production

XPE / XLPE Foam Production

Blowing Agent Master Batch

  • To guarantee good productivity with low yield less than 10%


Blowing Agent Master Batch (VOC Free)

  • VOC-free at 80℃ (Heat resistant at 110℃)


Crosslinking Agent Master Batch

  • Excellent uniformity and dispersion


Fire Retardant Master Batch

  • To make XPE foam perfect fire retardant


Fire Retardant Master Batch (Eco-Friendly)

  • To make XPE foam perfect fire retardant free of decabrome and antimony


Conductive Master Batch (ESD M/B)

  • Available to produce ESD foam of 104-5