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Press Foaming Type Crosslinked PE / EVA Foam (PXE)

Press Foaming Type Crosslinked PE / EVA Foam (PXE)

Press Foaming Type Crosslinked PE / EVA Foam (PXE)

PXE is a unique, closed cell, crosslinked polyethylene/EVA foam with an extremely fine celled molecular structure.
Unlike other foams, PXE is a material with a soft surface which is pleasing and offering superior flexibility and elasticity.

PXE foams are light weight and exhibit excellent shock absorption and protect products from vibration, shock and electric static.
They can be die-cut and easily pressured or vacuum-formed into simple or complex shapes.



  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • Light weight and easy fabrication
  • High buoyancy
  • Small & fine cell structure
  • Excellent thermal insulation and electric properties



  • Tool boxes, toys, fancy goods, children mats, packaging boxes in lab, shoe insoles
  • Sporting & sundry goods, cushioning and packaging material
  • Industrial and building material
  • Automobile and floating material



Units Specifications Remarks
Density 25kg-100kg/m3
Thickness 50m & 100m original block
Thickness 1m-100m sliced block
Size 1mX2m



Specifications Value
Nominal density (PFC) 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0
Tensile strength (PSI) 35 80 121 160
Elongation (% to break) 231 205 180 160
Tear resistance (lb/in) 8 17 19 22
Compression strength (PSI) (25% deflection) 9 18 19 20
Compression set (% of original thickness) 15 11 10 9
Thermal conductivity (btr/hr/inch/ft/F) .26 .30 .30 .30
Working temperature range -70° F to 175° F (-56.7C to 79.5“C)
Water absorption <.04 <.07
Flammability (MVSS302) Pass available