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PS Foam Board

(Polystyrene Foam Board)

PS Foam Board

PS Foam Board

PS Foam Board Characteristics

  • Light weight with enough strength to stay in shape
  • Easiness for cutting, die-cutting
  • Beauty and variety of colors
  • Wide selection of format for our purpose
  • Easy formability

PS Foam Board Applications

  • Advertising and decoration material for shop and department store
  • Presentation material for exhibition, stage, office, school
  • Interior decoration material
  • For stationery like miniature building, picture frame backing
  • Packing material for precious goods such as porcelain

PS Foam Board Types

1. SF-SOL & SELF ADHESIVE : Premium grade with aluminum finish
2. SF-PM & SELF ADHESIVE : Premium grade with two layers of paper and aluminum layer inside
3. SF-PLUS & SELF ADHESIVE : Premium grade with plastic coating
4. SF-JET : Specialty with PE film coated on the paper liner, moisture-resistant and super-flat
5. SF-COLOR : 14 kinds of color on one side or both sides available
6. SF-ALL BLACK & SELF ADHESIVE : Solid black foam core with black paper liners
7. SF-KRAFT & SF-KFRAFT/WHITE & SELF ADHESIVE : With brown paper on both sides, or one side brown and the other white
8. SF-WHITE & SELF ADHESIVE : Standard foam board with clay coated paper liners
9. SF-ACID FREE : Specialty with acid-free liners with pH value of 6.5~7.5
10. SF-NATURAL & SELF ADHESIVE : Satin-like natural surface without paper liners