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PE Foam Processing Machines / PE Foam Converting Machines

PE Foam Sheet Doubling Bonding Machine

PE Foam Sheet Doubling /PE Foam Sheet Bonding Machine provides easy speed control by variable frequency inverter and easy operation.


Auto cutter

Auto cutter for thick foam sheets up to 100mm thickness can finish precise lengthwise cutting with ±2mm tolerance. It is widely installed with Foam Sheet Doubling/Bonding Machine for the better work efficiency.

auto cutter

Tension Controller

This machine can laminate or bond foam sheets nonstop by pneumatic clamping hot air gun. It is not necessary to stop the machine to prepare new rolls.


Foam Sheet Cutting Device


PE Foam Sheet to Film Laminating Machine(One side)

PE Foam Sheet to Film Laminating Machine provides high working speed and easy speed control by variable frequency inverter.

PE Foam Sheet to Film Laminating Machine
 PE Foam Sheet Film Laminating Machine

PE Foam Sheet to Film Laminating Machine (Both Sides)

Laminating 1
Laminating 2
Laminating 3

Automatic Winder & Cutter

The Automatic Winder & Cutter is turret type winder equipped with inflater to cut a jumbo roll into small rolls in the exact length of 10~20meter automatically.


PE Foam Pipe Bonding Machine

PE Foam Pipe Bonding Machine provides high productivity by full automatic working process and synchronized work.


Foam Sheet Forming (Heat Press) Machine

Foam Sheet Forming Machine guarantees durability and fast line speed. (Max. 15sec/cycle i.e. 4cycle/min)


Glue Coating Machine

Glue Coating Machine guarantees fast line speed(Max. 30~35m/min based on 40gsm adhesive), stable temperature. easy/fine control on each zone, less waste and easy management.

Glue Coating Machine

PE Foam Bag Sealing Machine

PE Foam Bag Sealing Machine provides high productivity with low loss rate and easy operation as well through full automatic process.

 PE Foam Bag Two Sides Sealing Machine

 The PE Foam Bag Sealing Machine

 PE Foam Bag Three Sides Sealing Machine


EPE/EPS Recycling Machine

EPE/EPS Recycling Machine is featured with its high capacity upto 150kg/hr by the unique and significant process.

This machine is designed to recycle PE/PS foam scraps into 100% reusable quality resin and the recycled resin can be used for the same production again due to our simple and efficient design of the screw and relative parts. EPE-EPS-Recycling-Machine

Band Knife Splitting Machine Band Knife Splitting Machine

Band Knife Splitting Machine is full automatic in grinding & height adjustment of blade. This machine can slit all kinds of foam in various hardness(C type 10~80) with less thickness tolerance.



Hydraulic Trimming Press

Hydraulic Trimming Press


Item/Model No. PI -1100/1200HP
Cutting power 130ton, 150ton
Forming size 1,100*X1,200*
Stroke 150m/min
Cycle time 5sec/cycle
Available material PS foam, PP, HIPS, PVC, urethane, etc.
Electric power 220/380V, 50/60Hz, 3P, 12m