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Non-crosslinked PE foam extruder (EPE, NPE foam machine)

Our Non-crosslinked PE foam extruder with single screw has unique design to enable an optimal foaming with maximum output. The latest technology is applied on all series of our PE foam extruders with the model No. PI-PE-SC90, PI-PE-SC105, PI-PE-SC135, PI-PE-SC150, PI-PE-SC180 and PI-PE-SC200.

Non-crosslinked PE foam extruder  PE foam extruder

Non-crosslinked PE foam is a cushioning material to have great heat-insulating power, high buoyance, outstanding weather-proof and chemical resistance. The fine cell PE foam with light density from our PE foam sheet extruder guarantees good strength and resilience.  The aging(curing) time from our latest technology applied on our machine is noticeably shortened so the PE foam manufacturers can save the production cost a lot.

EPE, NPE foam machine