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Specialized in foam sheet extrusion line & products

XPE Foam Production Machine (XPE, XLPE line)

Our XPE foam production machine produces the most preferred insulating material with the most advanced and innovative technologies.

XPE is a chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam which is produced with low density polyethylene resin, a crosslinking agent and foaming agent via continuous foaming and high temperature.

XPE with the excellent characteristics such as superior cushioning, great heat-insulating power, high buoyancy, outstanding weather stability and chemical resistance provide wide range of application such as automobile, marine and aerospace vehicles and building/construction thermal insulation, and moisture resistance. Also, it is used for all kinds of single or double coated tape product, camping mats, hockey helmets and healthcare appliance products.

XPE Foam Production Machine  XPE Foam Extrusion Line