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Electric Conductive XPE Foam Sheet

(CDF Foam)

Electric Conductive XPE Foam Sheet

(CDF Foam, CDF-X, ESD foam)


Electric Conductive XPE Foam Sheet

Our Electric conductive XPE foam whose conductivity is available in between 10^4 and 10^6 can be produced in continuous roll.

Standard thickness range is 0.5, 3, 5, 10mm but can be converted into any thickness upto 100mm on customer’s request.

0.5mm thickness of x7 and 3mm thickness of x25, x30 are major specification being normally applied. This foam is free from contamination
after being applied on and its conductivity is permanent.



  • Packing of LCD panel
  • Computer monitor, Socket board



Apparent DensityKg/m317660
Tensile Strength TDN/cm215443
Tensile Strength MDN/cm221763
Elongation TD%130173
Elongation MD%175204
Tear Strength TDN/cm7420
Tear Strength MDN/cm11932
Dimensional Change of heating TD%0.0-0.1
(80 ± 1℃, 1h) MD%-0.4-0.2
Surface ResistivityΩ≤2.0 x 105≤2.0 x 105