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NPE, EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

NPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

Non-Crosslinked PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, equipped with a single extruder, unique screw and economical extruding system, produces extruded expanded cellular polyethylene foam sheet of innumerable closed cell in continuous roll for cushioning, packaging, and insulation materials.
npe epe foam sheet extrusion line

  • Our single extruder, an integral component of the NPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line enables an optimal foaming and maximum output.
  • A unique screw provides an intensive mixing and enables the production of quality foam sheet with any cell size and density.
  • Our dies, specially manufactured for its high tolerance, provide an efficient process and flexibility to create the highest quality foam to meet customer’s diverse demands.
  • Auto temp. control via PID temp. control or PLC controlled touch screen on customers request.
  • Hydraulic screen change system enables a continual production even during changing screens.
  • AC motor and variable frequency inverter control system are durable at any harsh factory environment.
  • Our Three-Way Special Cooling System inside of dies and inside of screw guarantees low density foam with noticeably short aging time enabling direct lamination with film. This system is applicable to both single extruder and tandem extruder.


Characteristics of NPE, EPE foam sheet extruder

EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

  • Superior cushioning
  • Great heat-insulating power
  • High buoyancy
  • Little water absorption, outstanding weather-proof and chemical resistance
  • Soft, strong and easy to fabricate



Item/Model No.PI-PE 90PI-PE 105PI-PE 120PI-PE 130
Max. width1,500mm1,500mm1,600mm1,600mm
Screw dia.90mm105mm120mm130mm
Product typesheet, tubesheetsheetsheet


Item/Model No.0PI-PE 150PI-PE 160PI-PE 170PI-PE 180
Capacity100-380kg/hr0100-420kg/hr0100-450kg/hr0100- 460kg/hr0
Max. width1,600mm1,600mm1,600mm1,600mm
Screw dia.150mm160mm170mm180mm
Product typesheet, planksheet, planksheet, planksheet, plank


Item/Model No.PI-PE-T100/130PI-PE-T110/140PI-PE-T120/150
CapacityMax. 210kg/hrMax. 280kg/hrMax. 350kg/hr
Max. width2,000mm2,000mm2,000mm
Screw dia.100mm/130mm110mm/140mm120mm/150mm
Product typesheet, planksheet, planksheet, plank


Item/Model No.PI-PE-T130/170PI-PE-T150/200PI-PE-T165/220
CapacityMax. 420kg/hrMax. 500kg/hrMax. 650kg/hr
Max. width2,000mm2,000mm2,000mm
Screw dia.130mm/170mm150mm/200mm165mm/220mm
Product typesheet, planksheet, planksheet, plank




  • Cushioning and packaging materials for electrical equipment, pottery, glassware, etcNPE EPE foam sheet
  • Insulation materials for agriculture and building purpose
  • Back-up materials for joint-fillers
  • Anti-static foam protects static sensitive electronical components
  • Insulation material for ice-cream and frozen foods

npe epe foam sheet extrusion line


Auto Cutting / Winding / Packing Unit with Paper Core for Thin Foam



Auto Cutting / Winding / Packing Unit without Paper Core for Thick Foam