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Super Flat PS Foam Board

Super Flat PS Foam Board

(Super Flat Polystyrene Foam Board)

Super Flat Polystyrene Foam Board



  • Completely flat (not effected by water/humidity)
  • Very strong like plywood sheet
  • Light weight to enable any design possible
  • Easy to cut/fabricate
  • No smell and environmental friendly


Thickness Composition

Super Flat PS Foam Board Thickness


Thickness7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 24mm
Width1040mm, 1240mm
Length2000mm, 2400mm
Foam density30kg/m3
Melamine dipping paperKraft paper 200gr/m3 White paper 150gr/m, 180gr/m
Self adhesive coatingHeat resistant grade acrylic adhesive (one side or two sides available)



Apparent densityKg/m330
Thermal conductivity (20 C)Kal/mhC0.025(Max)
Compressive strength
(at 10% deformation)
Kgf/cC1.6 ~ 2.2
Flexural strengthKgf/cC3.0 ~ 3.7
Burn testPASS
Moisture permeability coefficientg/m hmmHg0.06(Max)
Water absorptiong/100C0.01(Max)
Linear expansion factorcm/cmC7 X 10-5



  • Screen/partition of office furniture
  • Display, photo mounting for signage industry
  • Backing boards, presentation board for exhibition
  • Temporary walls